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2018 Montero GLS A/T 100K All In at 25% Downpayment
2019 XPANDER GLX PLUS 120K All In at 20% Downpayment
2019 XPANDER GLX PLUS 120K All In at 20% Downpayment

Hot Topic #1: 2019 SUV Comparisons

It’s easy to see that he Philippine SUV market is competitive and diverse enough to supply whatever any consumer is looking for, as well as a wide number of niches that some manufacturers become renowned for. However, nothing beats the strategy of adding more and better options to outdo competitors every year.

Kia and Honda might be synonymous with family comfort, and Hyundai known for an affordable sense of luxury. But let’s tell facts: if you’re talking about SUVs in the Philippines, guaranteed, you will see more Monteros, Fortuners, and Everests, than any other vehicle  in their class.