Hot Topic #1: 2019 SUV Comparisons

It’s easy to see that he Philippine SUV market is competitive and diverse enough to supply whatever any consumer is looking for, as well as a wide number of niches that some manufacturers become renowned for. However, nothing beats the strategy of adding more and better options to outdo competitors every year.

Kia and Honda might be synonymous with family comfort, and Hyundai known for an affordable sense of luxury. But let’s tell facts: if you’re talking about SUVs in the Philippines, guaranteed, you will see more Monteros, Fortuners, and Everests, than any other vehicle  in their class.

The manufacturers responsible for these models have what it takes to address as much of the public’s general needs into one powerful vehicle. Unless you’re looking for something specific, you are going to want one of these cars. If all you’re looking for in an SUV is in those three letters, then you’re going to want of of these cars. But if your search has led you to the big three, how do you know which one you really want?

To keep things brief, here are the highlights and specs you need to know about meach model to make that final decision and get you behind the wheel of the SUV you’ve been looking for.


The Mitsubishi Montero Sport is designed to be your daily driver., It’s stunning looks are meant to catch attention on the streets, and the superb handling and means you can get to work and back without any complaints— wherever your work may be. Not only will the ride be consistently smooth, but it will be peaceful as well. The Montero Sport carries you like a bubble, keeping away the outside noises and keeping its own noise unnoticeable. To add to the peace of mind it offers, the interior is as lavish as you can get, treating you to comfort on multiple levels. All this accomodation makes it easy to forget that the Montero Sport  is still a beast underneath. It’s still a top-tier SUV, and it does its best off the road. It just makes your life on it, much easier.

  • 2.4-liter Turbodiesel I4
  • 8-Speed Automatic
  • Power of 178hp @ 3,500rpm
  • Torque of 430Nm @ 2,500rpm
  • Seats 7



The Fortuner is the epitome of balance. Toyota tries hard to even out it’s strength with it’s comfort,  it’s on-road with it’s off-road potential, it’s interior utility with it’s interior elegance. With Toyota firmly established for their reliance, they don’t have to push as hard to excel in one direction or another. They simply keep the promise of delivering an all-around SUV that you can’t complain about. And yet they do excel. It’s a combination of steady, continual upgrades with a deep trust in the brand that keeps the Fortuner sales high. If you’re looking for an SUV to give you everything you need without you having to doubt the specs, it’s The Fortuner.


  • 2.8-liter turbodiesel I4
  • 6-speed automatic
  • Power of 174hp @ 3,400rpm
  • Torque of 450Nm @ 1,600-2,400rpm
  • Seats 7


If you’re looking for all the power, all the features of tech and comfort, jammed into one monster of an SUV, then you’ve got to be willing to pay the price. This isn’t a ranking list on who is better, but that’s only because the Everest carries such a heft cost, that is made heavier by its large fuel consumption. Not to say that it delivers the best it can for all other categories, it doesn’t. But overall, it brings a lot. Within its appealing interiors, the Everest boasts a high number of tech features for the driver to enjoy. It’s the feeling of all this power that makes this SUV appealing. You may not need features like power seating every time, but along with others like the advanced safety and security inputs, they all add up and offer peace of mind. Seamless transitions from off-road, to on, and back again, only add to the versatility of an SUV with a lot to offer. You just have to deal with what it will cost you to have it all.


  • 3.2-liter turbodiesel I5
  • 6-speed automatic
  • Power of 197hp @ 3,000rpm
  • Torque of 470Nm @ 1,750-2,500rpm
  • Seats 7

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